Writing Prompt Friday #14

Welcome to Better Scribe’s Writing Prompt Friday. This is where I post a prompt (every Friday) for you to use as a writing exercise. You will also get to read my own (unedited) response to the same prompt.

Your writing prompt is:Writing Prompt

My response to the prompt is:

Blues, reds, yellows and greens swirled into hyper-focus and then blurred. The smell of peppermint and something else wafted through the air.

Wait, what was that other smell? It was very distinct and it felt like I should know it. I looked around, managing to focus on faces in the crowd. People were laughing, doing strange things like playing peek-a-boo or jumping on the couch.

I went into the bathroom to splash some water on my face and clear my head. In the mirror I could see a mermaid in the bathtub behind me. I laughed. This was just too strange. I turned around and the mermaid had vanished.

I wondered if Johno had mixed up the medications again. If he wasn’t such a likeable guy he would have been fired months ago. Not because he was lazy or unreliable, but because he was such a dill. Since the last incident he wasn’t allowed to handle the medication of the clients. No one wanted their beloved nanny stripping off and playing catch and kiss with the gardener.

But even if the meds had been mixed up there was no reason for her to be feeling this way. She didn’t take any medication … The brownies … Who had brought them in again?

Happy writing!

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