Writing Prompt Friday #13

Welcome to Better Scribe’s Writing Prompt Friday. This is where I post a prompt (every Friday) for you to use as a writing exercise. You will also get to read my own (unedited) response to the same prompt.

Your writing prompt is:Writing Prompt

My response to the prompt is:

Brad got out of the car and walked towards the warehouse door. The others were hanging back and talking around the vehicle. He stopped and adjusted the keys before putting them into the lock. The guys back at the car were now silent and he could feel their eyes watching him. He glanced over at the now silent group and could see Perry trying to keep a smirk off his face. The dimple in his cheek always gave Perry away when he was getting up to mischief.

‘Hey Perry, I can’t seem to get the key to turn in the lock properly.’ Brad said.

‘Keep trying. I’m sure you’ll get it.’

Brad made a show of trying to get the door open and failing. ‘Perry, get your butt over here and open the darn door.’

Perry came up beside him and took over turning the key in the lock and motioning for Brad to go first.

Brad smiled. ‘After you my friend.’

Resignation filled Perry’s face and there was a snicker from the direction of the car. Brad frowned at them and the snicker turned into a cough.

Perry pushed through the door and jumped to the left as a deluge of water tipped down. The guys back at the car were almost crying with laughter as Perry stood there dripping wet.

‘That wasn’t your handiwork, was it Perry?’ Brad asked.

‘No, of course not.’

‘Must be those pesky gremlins again.’

Have fun giving your character a hard time.

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