Discover How to Improve Your Writing Skills With Better Critiquing for Better Writing

how to improve your writing skills

No Fluff, No Rambling. Just Valuable Book Writing Tips You Can Implement Today to Become a Better Writer

Turn the fear of what others will think and say about your writing on its head and discover how to harness the power of critiquing and feedback to elevate your writing to the next level.

Whether you’re writing your first word or you’re a first-time fiction author, Better Critiquing for Better Writing is the book that shows you how to implement one of the best-kept secrets to writing.

Inside this ACTIONABLE guide you’ll discover how to:

  • Rapidly improve your fiction writing with the power of short critiques
  • Harness the mechanics of critique to receive powerful writing feedback
  • Find the right critiquing partner or group for you
  • Give valuable feedback and have other writers and authors love you
  • Find the best critique websites online – this book tells you what they are
  • Take a bad critique and use it to improve as a writer
“I love this guide. It’s perfect for writers at every stage of their career, starting at dead beginners. The advice is practical How To with easy to follow actions and thought-provoking pros and cons. As a manuscript assessor myself, I’ve seen a hole in the market for this type of book, and I’m thrilled that Kelly Hart has provided advice that can help any writer advance their craft. Five stars from me. I’ll be recommending this book to my clients.”

—Louise Cusack, best-selling fantasy author, Macmillan

Who this book is ideal for:

    • Those who are writing fiction and want to leverage critiquing to elevate their writing skills quickly
    • New writers who want better writing skills and critiquing experiences
    • People who are writing a novel, novella or short story and want to know what to expect when getting feedback
    • New writers who want to join a critiquing group
    • Writers and authors who benefit from visual examples of what ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ when identifying story structure flaws
    • Writers who feel that their critiquing group is not as helpful as they expected. This book will show you why.


Here’s what others are saying!

“A great book about getting better writing skills quickly through implementing critiquing strategies. A couple of things really stood out for me. One was how easy it is to read and digest. When things are easy to absorb I find taking action and implementing the tips so much easier. The second thing was the explicit examples of comments and call out bubbles designed to provide real examples on real manuscripts. These are beautifully designed in the book. It’s a wonderful way to demonstrate examples. To top it off, there’s a free writing course as well.”

—Anthony Puttee, Book Cover Cafe

“I have been a part of a local writers’ group for some time, but I never really felt like I have been contributing effectively. I often stayed silent or made comments that I knew weren’t very helpful. After reading Kelly’s book on critiquing, I feel empowered to contribute more often in my local group. I have also joined an online group recommended in the book. There is so much in this book for the writer at any stage of her career. If you are planning to start a writers’ group, this book is a valuable guide to get you up and running and on your way. I would recommend this book to any writer thinking of joining or forming a writers’ group, and that should be ALL writers!”

— Susan Faith Corl, fiction author

“I received this novel from the author in exchange for my honest opinion, and I absolutely loved this novel! The great thing about this novel is that Kelly gives you a lot of useful tips giving and getting critiques. A week before I started reading this novel, I joined the site, Ladies Who Critique, so I was thrilled to see that Kelly mentioned this website as one of her recommended online resources for writers. After reading Kelly’s novel, I feel comfortable and confident enough to give and receive critiques on my current and future manuscripts!”

—Josie Ann, Amazon reviewer

“Essential Writer’s manual to prepare your manuscript for publishing. Learn how to MAXIMIZE your critiquing skills.
Learn how to REFINE your message to become a better Writer and author.”

—Karen Tyrrell, author and speaker

“Clear and precise, easy to read with valuable info. Well structured reference book for all stages of competency in writing.”

—Jan Mills


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Book title: Better Critiquing for Better Writing
Book Subtitle: Use Writing Feedback to Craft Your Story, Refine Your Message and Become a Better Writer
Author name: Kelly Hart
Publisher: Better Scribe PTY LTD
ISBN: 978-0-9923430-0-2 (pbk) 978-0-9923430-1-9 (ebk)
Book size: 8.5 x 5.5
Genre: Nonfiction, How-to, Writing skills
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